FAQ - River Rafting in Rishikesh

Q1: What are the famous river rafting & camping spot’s in Rishikesh and there rafting distances?

Answer : Following are famous River Rafting spots in Rishikesh:
If you love adventures kind of sports, you can enjoy cliff jumping in rishikesh. Cliff jumping is not very difficult task to do, in this task you have to jump into the river from a high rock approx 25 to 30 feet but you need enough daring for completing this task. It you fear from height you can do only one thing close your eyes and jump into the river.

  • Brihmpuri : River Rafting Distance 12 Kms.
  • Shivpuri : River Rafting Distance 16 Kms.
  • Marin Drive: River Rafting Distance 27 Kms.
  • Kaudiyala : River Rafting Distance 34 Kms.
  • Deoprayag : River Rafting Distance 52 Kms.

Q2: How much far Rishikesh from Delhi?

Answer:Following are famous River Rafting spots in Rishikesh.

Q3: What is the perfect season for river rafting in Rishikesh?

Answer:Perfect time for river rafting in Rishikesh is February to June and September to November. It depends on volume of water.

Q4: Is river rafting is safe for the children and the other family members?

Answer:River rafting is completely a adventurous activity. There are many dangerous grade4 rapids inside the river. We do not allow below 15 years children from Shivpuri and any above destination from there. Brahmpuri is the best spot for safest rafting. Everybody can enjoy rafting from there.

Q5: What about the camping facility and the dinner during the camping?

Answer:We provide the perfect tents near the beach, along the river Ganga. Toilets for man and women are also available there. Two beds are available inside a single tent. In dinner we provide both vegetarian and non vegetarian as per the demands. Night camp fire with music facility to dance also provide in the jungle and luxurious tents.

Q6: Is there any kind of communication problem in this area?

Answer:In some places there may be some communication problems, but in our Shivpuri camp mobile phones work properly.

Q7: How many persons do you allow in a single raft?

Answer:We allow 8 persons max inside a single rafting boat, but the no of persons may decrease as per the rafting way.

Q8: Kaudiyala is safe river rafting spot or not?

Answer:Kaudiyala is 34 Kms. far from Rishikesh. This rafting destination is only for expert swimmers because on the way of rafting from there one can face grade five category rapids like The Wall and Dainial Dip. So our suggestion is that only expert swimmers should do rafting from there.