Rafting in Rishikesh Will Start From 15th September 2013 on Ganga River

September 10, 2013 by Mahiraj Singh

Good news for all adventure sports lovers and rafters because Rishikesh rafting will start on 15th September 2013. Yes this is good news for all; Tourism Department of Uttarakhand state gives this approval. Rafting and Camping is a great adventure fun in Rishikesh city. Majestic Journey is going to start all adventure activity from 15th September 2013 at Rishikesh.River Rafting in Rishikesh

Honor of Majestic Journey Mr. Mahiraj Singh sad that- Welcome again all adventure sports lovers; this is the best time for start of rafting on Ganga due to the water level is perfect to hit the hilarious rapids. White Rafting will start on 15th September and beach camping will start after 20th but don’t worries there are some luxury camp reopen from 15th. One can enjoy here rafting, camping, rock climbing, bungee jumping and many more adventure sports.

He too be continue to add in their words- Beach camping will start after 20th September 2013, only then we started “Luxury Jungle Camp Majestic” at Byasi in Rishikesh. Camp Majestic offers the best of best luxurious facilities with modern and contemporary amenities in camping site.

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The Killer flood in Uttarakhand

June 19, 2013 by Mahiraj Singh

The monsoon arrived last day night in large parts of India, but there could hardly be a worse time for the hilly regions of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. As we know Uttarakhand state comes danger zoon 5 and this ascendant prove it.

Especially, Uttarakhand know as “Dev Bhoomi”, has been struck by unexampled flash floods that have killed nearly 102 persons, damaged nearly 190 homesteads, pilgrims and other property. Rate show bridges, houses and other buildings crashing down and being washed away by the whirling waters. A whirling river is seen engulfing a giant statue of “Lord Shiva” in the tourist city of Rishikesh.

The public works department of Uttarakhand has confirmed serious damage in state. According to this report showing nearly 450 road are damages.

The state department says capital received a record 340 mm of rainfall on Monday 24hr and the Met department has forecast more heavy rains in the next 36 hours. Several roads, including the National Highway 58 and 24, have been blocked and traffic jams.

The Disaster Management officials said -

A large number of structures including shrines, hotels, and rest houses, commercial and residential buildings collapsed like a pack of cards in Rudraparayag district. Five bodies were recovered near the Kedarnath shrine in the Rudraprayag district on Monday morning.

The river Ganga at Marin drive (Rishikesh) and Haridwar in Dehradun District of Uttarakhand is now flowing in high flood situation. National highway- 58 like the between Delhi to Haridwar, Rishikesh to Yamunotri and Gangotri and Badrinath are blocked for now.

The situation is very dour. The state government of uttarakhand provides food and drinking water to be dropped by helicopters to remote villages. Army personnel carrying out relief operations in flood-hit Chamoli district. On the request of state government of uttarakhand and directions of the Defense Ministry, helicopters available and 50 pilgrims have been rescued from Kedarnath and brought to Gupt Kashi.

Uttarakhand Disaster Control Room: – 0135-2710334, 0135-2710335, 0135-2710233
Nainital & around: 05946-250138

Rafting With Camping fun at Rishikesh

April 5, 2013 by Mahiraj Singh

Rishikesh city has become one of the biggest hub of White Water River Rafting in India, in the recent times. This blog is an attempt to tell people more about White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh, Adventure activities in Rishikesh and some suggestions for doing it safely.

Location- Rishikesh, 228kms from New Delhi and 50kms from Dehradun.

The Holy Ganga (White Water in Rishikesh) – As we know Alaknanda and Bhagirathi mixed, in Rishikesh city these are known as the Holy Ganga. The Alaknanda River rises feet of the Satopanth and Bhagirath Kharak glaciers in Uttarakhand. It meets the Bhagirathi River at Devprayag after flowing for approximately 190 km through the Alaknanda valley. Bhagirathi is the source stream of the Ganges that rises from Gaumukh.

Rapids on Ganga River- When the water velocity increases, turbulent water zones called rapids. Rapids are classified in 5 levels depending on the turbulence. Be careful 4 to 5 rapids are very dangerous and potential death or serious injuries.

Grade 1st- Very small rough areas, low water level.
Grade 2nd- Now Some rough water, maybe some rocks.
Grade 3rd- Face White water, some small waves, maybe a small drop, but no considerable danger.
Grade 4th- White Water level increase, medium waves, rocks, some dangerous area, considerable drop.
Grade 5th- Full of White water, large waves, large volume, possibility of large rocks and hazards, possibility of a large drop, so dangerous.

Adventure Activity in Rishikesh- Rishikesh city offers the best place for adventure activity also- rafting, camping, rock climbing, repelling, Bungee jumping, body surfing, kayaking, paints ball and many more.

The Ganga offers rapid Class 1 to Class 5. Some are Sweet sixteen, Cross fire, three blind mice, the wall Rapids, Danial Dip, Roller coaster and Golf course.

Sweet sixteen- Non-swimmers are mostly like this is Grade I rapid, small and easy. Non-swimmers and first timers can easily raft down the Ganges rapids of this category. Sweet Sixteen is the first choice of family groups and who want to combine a genuine taste of adventure fun.

Golf course and Roller coaster – these are Grade four rapids. White Water level is high, passing though narrow waterway creating difficulty for the rafter. These rapids need experience to enjoy water rafting of this 4th grade level rapids on Ganga.

Three blind mice, Cross fire – this is 3rd level rapids but it is much popular among young rafters at Rishikesh. The river passage along this rapid is clear. However, it features narrow waterway which requires prior rafting experience to sail along.

The wall Rapids- this is another popular rapid falling into Grade V, the Wall in Rishikesh. If you want to really feel rafting rush and enjoy your expedition at the same time, this rapid is made only for you. You should try this fun on the Holy Ganga River.

Camping In Rishikesh- Rafting with camping is popular adventure activity at Rishikesh. If you want to feel real adventure in Rishikesh you should join rafting with Beach camping. Rishikesh city offers Adventure sports like rafting, camping (Beach Camping, Jungle camping, and Luxury Camping), Rock climbing, repelling, Bungee Jumping, River Crossing, body surfing, kayaking, trekking and many more.

SAFETY- Don’t play with your life, safety is very important when you are rafting, bungee jumping or any adventure activity. Don’t ignore guide line gives by experience guide. Before doing any activity check everything to satisfy you.

Best Time to visit Rishikesh- Rafting with camping in Rishikesh best time is September to November. January 15 to last May months.

White Water Rafting Fun in Rishikesh

April 1, 2013 by Mahiraj Singh

Rishikesh is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. This destination offers River Rafting, Camping, Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing, Rappelling and Trekking. Rafting starts from the hilly area to get the optimum current required for rafting. River Rafting and camping are the best option to keep your mind refresh and get away from the hustle bustle daily life.

Rishikesh is the nearest river rafting destination from Delhi so last weekend we decide to go Rishikesh. We called Majestic Journey as earlier they have prepared our outing plan at Jim Corbett Park. That was perfect plan for us. So we choose them again, they have their own camps at Rishikesh and expert rafting guides. We choose 24kms rafting from Marine Drive to Nim Beach and beach camping stay. Majestic Journey offers us complimentary rock climbing, rappelling and trekking.  We were happy and very excited to enjoy the adventure. We packed our bags and kept the necessary belongings like Torch, Sleepers, T-shirt, lower, suns cream, sun glasses, camera etc.

Late evening we started from Gurgaon. Our Tempo traveller was in time. Early morning at 7:00 am we were at Rishikesh. We called “Jayendra” representative of Team Majestic and informed him about our current location. We start journey towards the Rishikesh – Badrinath highway. Jayendra received us at Shivpuri Bridge and instruct the driver about the camp location.

Our camping site was really awesome and unique. It was around 5kms far from the main Shivpuri market across the river. It was surrounded by the deep forest. Afternoon we drive towards Marine Drive to enjoy rafting. Our guide gave us some training about rafting and its proper command like “All Forward, All Back, Right Forward- Left Back, Left Forward and Right Back, Get down etc”. He checked every individual’s life jackets and helmets.

We were 9 persons inside a raft including the trainer. We were paddling as per instruction by the Guide. Our rafting faced various rapids “Welcome, Black Money, Three Blind Mice, Crossfire, Welcome Shivpuri, Initiation, Roller Coaster, Golf Course, T-off, Club House, Cliff Jumping,Body Surfing and Double Trouble”.  We were covering every rapid with our full strength and cheering after every successful completion with “Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo Baby Yo…”.  We finished Nim Beach near at Laxman Jhoola. Our guide appreciates our help to hold the boat and take it out from the water.

This tour will add several amazing memories in your life and you will definitely repeat this destination next year. Staying an adventurous location refresh the mind body and soul. It also increases the working capability and motivation.

River Rafting in Rishikesh has Closed till October Due to Rain

July 11, 2012 by Mahiraj Singh

July 11, 2012, Delhi – River rafting in Uttarakhand state of Rishikesh has closed for this season and it will be reopen in October month. Every year rafting closes in Rishikesh because of heavy rain and water over flow in river Ganga. Tourist can enjoy camping and other adventures activities during this time.

Mahiraj Singh owner of http://riverrafting-rishikesh.com here stated “Rafting is not possible during rainy season from July to September due to heavy rain and water overflow. During this time adventure lovers can enjoy pilgrimage tour of Rishikesh or nature camping in Dhanaulti. Dhanaulti is a well known destination for hill station tour with camping”.

Rishikesh and the entire belt offers ideal place for white water river rafting for the local as well as international tourists. The river rafting expedition in Rishikesh includes Grade four rapids and totaling a maximum of 13 exciting rapids for kids, family and there are special corporate package deals available for enjoying the world class rapids. There are several popular tourist destinations which are offering white water rafting in India, and many of them are functional in monsoon. However, at Rishikesh, water rafting activity is available all through the year except during the monsoons. Rafting season starts at Rishikesh in the first week of October and continues through 30th June.

The reason behind closure of rafting in the Rishikesh during the Monsoon season is because of very high and rising water levels. Water rafting at Rishikesh is an enjoyable activity in India and there are also cliff jumps options available as the waters of Ganges in this region are deep and calm and move smoothly. The prominent places in Rishikesh for river rafting and beach camping like – Brahmpuri, Shivpuri, Marine Drive, Byasi, Kaudiyala, Devprayag and Rudraprayag respectively. The river of Ganges at Rishikesh is clean and it has no known existence of reptiles and insects altogether.

Reopening Date October First Week:

After the monsoons are over, and the level of Ganges River has lowered, white water rafting begins with full thrill. October is the ideal time for water rafting when water level of Ganges is not very high, and rapids are full blown. October is also the time when the temperature and other weather conditions are considered good for planning trekking. During this period camping can be enjoyed at Dhanaulti.

Activities at Rishikesh:

There are lots of leisure and adventure activities which tourists can fully indulge into completely besides the white water rafting. Rock climbing and kayaking are some of the activities which give genuine and nature’s taste to the visitors visiting Rishikesh in October. Jungle walk, bird watching, natural and wild life photography and angling are some of the other activities which the visitors can explore and have fun and excitement as they set their plan to visit Rishikesh. Besides, the tourists can also undertake short yoga lessons as the part of their stay in the Rishikesh. There are several renowned yoga lessons offered by trained yoga instructors in Rishikesh and tourists can enjoy the yoga teachings in a completely serene environment.

To know more about rafting in Rishikesh please refer the URL: http://riverrafting-rishikesh.com

About Majestic Tour India:

Majestic Tour India is a leading Delhi based tour operator company. The company is specialized in providing tour packages to all over of India. Majestic Tour India is a pioneer in Indian travel industry. The company is specialized in pilgrimage tour, wildlife tour, hill station tour, beach tour, golden triangle tour and adventure tour in India.

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White River Rafting in Rishikesh

March 31, 2012 by Mahiraj Singh

Rishikesh is a small town situation near the foothills of the Himalayas and has been much talked about due to its mystic value and adventure sports. As the popular saying in Rishikesh, the sun does not shine on you but rather it shines inside you. Rishikesh is considered as the rafting capital of India and it offers the rafting enthusiasts a plethora of avenues to test their rafting skills. The place assumes significance due to its natural design with Rishikesh camping which suits both professional and first-time rafters.

River Rafting in Rishikesh can be an unforgettable experience for the adrenaline crazy. Every year thousands of tourists flock the world capital of yoga to treat themselves with the yogic insights as well as dwell in the lap of nature. Over the years rafting has become a very popular sport for white water rafting along with host of other adventure sports. Gushing water from the Ganges is a sporty delight for the first timers and one can test their endurance by battling out the ferocity of the downstream water. Punching and muddling through the madness, most of the rafters feel enriched with renowned love for life and take back unforgettable memories to cherish for rest of their lives.

Rafting in Rishikesh as assumed a professional sport and every year thousands of tourist flock to take part of this mesmerising experience. White water rafting has different levels of difficulty and depending upon your training and capabilities; it has been formulated into different modules. While there is a professional rafting challenge waiting for the do or the die ones, small training are also imparted to the new born rafters. The basic stretch starts from Brahmpuri which is 9 kilometres upstream from Rishikesh and has mostly mild rapids. It just takes two hour of your day to go through the trip down from Brahmpuri to Rishikesh.One can also do cliff jumping and body surfing during this stretch. Along with river rafting bungee jumping in Rishikesh can be enjoyed as well.

The complete stretch has been demarcated according to various levels of difficulties and ones professional capabilities. The Standard stretch starts from Shivpuri, 16 kilometres upstream from Rishikesh and has some famous Grade IV rapids like Roller Coaster & Golf Course. For the first timers, there is an artificially designed “recovery Pool” or still waters and this stretch lasts about 3 hours and is ideal for first-timers seeking adventure.

For the serious rafters, Rishikesh offers a challenging rafting experience. The stretch which starts from Marine Drive, 25 Kms upstream from Rishikesh is captivating and offer a plethora of challenging tasks such as cliff jumping points and high end rapids like cash flow, “Three blind mice” etc. This stretch takes about 4 hours and can be termed as the challenge of a lifetime.

If you are a rafting professional, the advanced stretch from “Kaudiyala” is the place. This stretch is the advanced stretch and has few of the greatest rapids termed as “The Wall”. The Wall is a Grade V rapid and most of the rafts get flipped in this rapid. It takes around 7 hours to complete this 36 kilometres long stretch.

The best time to visit Rishikesh for rafting is from September to November and from March to May. So next time you plan a visit to be a part of this splendid experience, hold your boots tight and be prepared for the experience of a lifetime!

An Infatuation with Thrill at Rishikesh

September 27, 2011 by Mahiraj Singh

Named appropriately after Lord Vishnu’s one of the innumerable names, Rishikesh (Hrishikesh) has always done justice to its meaning. As the word Hrishikesh denotes Lord of the senses, the whole city brings one’s senses alive when it comes to appreciating the mysticism and natural charisma of the place. After winning the great altitude, as you pan your eyes from the red flags strewn all over this beautiful town to the blushing sun at the horizon, a surge of energy automatically flows into your veins. This is because you have always known the color red as the symbol of positive energy. Probably, this is why you will find red in the highest arc of a rainbow and it is the first color to disappear from your vision as the night approaches. But, the red lost during twilight is soon replaced by a spread of yellow as soon as the ‘Ganga Aarti’ begins at the Triveni Ghat. At this moment the concrete stairs, Vedic hymns, countless oil lamps and clinking bells outline a world oblivious to the usual commotion in this small town just 138 miles away from Delhi.

Rafting Fun Rishikesh

However, the geography of Rishikesh is what makes the place an incredible destination. Blessed with untamed rivers originating from some of the high altitude Himalayan glaciers, serene jungles around verdant hillocks and the some of the toughest pilgrimage roots, Rishikesh is a perfect holiday destination and a trip to Rishikesh is unquestionably incomplete without a fling with one’s adventurous streaks. For instance, a taste of Rishikesh rafting in the gushing white waters of the mighty Ganges flowing past the immaculate green cover is an adventure seeker’s final bliss and for an adventure seeker rafting is in itself a pilgrimage and the path leading to salvation definitely lies in the wild and turbulent river rapids!

Setting aside the extreme monsoon months, September to December and March to June are the preferred seasons to go wild at the Ganges. Brhampuri Shivpuri, Byasi ,Kaudiyala near Rishikesh are the best spots to enjoy and explore the great Ganges abundant with rich flora and fauna by its sides. For the beginners it is the starting of an infatuation with thrill and for those already addicted, it satiates the hunger for adventure. This is because rafting stretches in Rishikesh include all types of rapid from grade I to the tougher grade V rapids with enhanced rafting facilities suitable for all types of adventure enthusiasts.

Rafting Camp Rishikesh

The challenges involved in tackling the wild rapids are the most thrilling part and the lure of the wilderness is so intoxicating that challenging the great force of nature seems worthwhile for a change. The experience entraps one into a trance born out of sheer adrenaline rush and people come rushing all around the year just to discover the magic of rafting in the Himalayas. As they say, those born to be wild never mind experimenting.  Then, “…Darling’ go make it happen…..Like a true nature’s child, we were born, born to be wild…..” .The gurgling rapids you will encounter only represent your wilder side- rough and unyielding, yet deep and powerful at the same time. Moreover camping in Rishikesh is also famous with other adventures activities.

Ramjhula Rishikesh

Ramjhula Rishikesh

Carnivalesque Camping by the Ganges

January 11, 2011 by Mahiraj Singh

River Rafting RishikeshFinding a green, serene and exotic location near Rishikesh is not a big task since the whole region is nestled in the best of the Himalayan trail. But, it becomes difficult to choose one from the myriad of such beautiful locations strewn all over the holy city of Rishikesh. Our brains went through this painful exercise once we reached this city of senses. The purpose was to relish the great religious fervor centered on the city of Rishikesh`. God forbid us from skipping such sacred places in the beautiful stretches of the Himalaya. But, secretly, we were contemplating a great river rafting exercise in Ganges. That would have meant our sacred dip at the holy Ganges! Thus, began our search for a perfect rafting in Shivpuri and camping location and finally we zeroed on a beautiful camp site near Shivpuri with a spectacular river bank to compliment the style of the arrangements.

The white sand upon the bank resembled that of a beach and the atmosphere around was no different from a beach side carnival. The sand that shone like gold when we arrived soon changed color like a chameleon and the beach looked like a sheet of silver as soon as the moon appeared at the horizon. The green hills no longer looked green and the darkness outlining those majestic hills gradually descended upon this well maintained camp site. But, the evening was lit up with a warm bonfire and never for a second did we curse the lanterns by our bed sides. At times, the absence of electricity can be welcoming too! There was no dearth of things we required for that special night by the Ganges -food, music and warm hospitality! A bunch of friendly fellow campers to our company the camp felt like a comfortable party. This was just because, almost by 13 kilometers upstream from Rishikesh on the road to Deoprayag, there we found our route to salvation. An ideal stress busting exercise we would like to call it.

Shivpuri CampBut, do we need to mention how romantic it is to stare at the sky and hear the sound of the mighty Ganges in a moonlit night? You will understand it better when we tell you how we spent the rest of the night- clean Alpine tents with roll up windows and warm blankets to beat away the river side chill.  But, we couldn’t sleep away that exciting night as a completely new experience awaited us in the violent rapids of the river nearby.  It’s not that we are born adventurers but what’s the harm in trying out a mild rapid like Sweet Sixteen (Grade-1)?

But, till we encountered the rapids, River Rafting in Rishkesh and the camps offered us an ultimate opportunity to go private with nature at its best. Our best camp site treat was the beach volley ball game we that we enthusiastically took part at but saluting the game spirit we never cried on our defeat. We won in any way because nothing can go wrong at such a beautiful place. The only thing that vanquished was our tempered bodies and souls! And to a certain extent our fear of the wild, untamed rivers! Some rejuvenation amidst the Himalayas was necessary and the camping happened just in right time. Right here at Shivpuri!